An Employee Owned Company

EPS provides guaranteed engineering along with a 50 year warranty on our treated structural columns and 40 years on our paint system.

With 30 years of building experience, EPS is very confident in our manufacturing rocess and in the long-standing relationships we have with our suppliers. We strive to provide our dealers and customers with products in which they can be confident, and therefore provide an extensive warranty covering our building products.

A summary of the warranty includes:

  • Guaranteed to be engineered to meet wind and snow loads
  • 20 year warranty on Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS)
  • 1 year warranty on all EPS parts and other products

For EPS suppliers and EPS fabricated materials:
  • Lifetime borate treated framing lumber
  • Lifetime Supa-Timber® products
  • 50 year structural columns
  • 40 year EPS roll-formed painted steel
  • 40 year Ideal Dual Grip SLT painted screws
  • 20 year Insulfoam Thermal EPS foam
  • 5 year A.J. commercial/agricultural walk doors
  • 10 year Sequentia Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic
  • 5 year MWI sliding doors, 90 mph wind

All warranties are governed by the terms and conditions contained in the attached Owner Original Warranty. Buyer should carefully read all terms and conditions to fully understand the scope and coverage of the Owner Original Warranty.

*Certain Restrictions Apply and Responsibilities of owner & contractor. See your EPS Dealer for more details.

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