Choosing a site for your new home

Choosing a site for your new home

Finding the perfect site to build your new home will impact the enjoyment you have while living there and the investment you are making when it comes to the resale value. Whether you prefer the city or the country life, there are several considerations you can make in this very important step to building your dream home.



Spend some time driving through the selected area at different times of day and different days of the week. This will allow you to get a good view of the typical activities in the neighborhood. 

If outdoor recreation is important to you, be sure to think about the location of parks, trails or other recreation facilities. If you have children, consider the distance to the local pool or neighborhood playground.

Consider the distance of travel to your workplace or to your children’s school. Think about the amount of time you are willing to travel to have access to the important activities in your daily life.

Do you need easy access to major highways or other special services? Be sure to check out locations for airports, train tracks or highways that have heavy traffic which may generate too much noise for your comfort.

Make a list of additional preferences you may have for medical services, a church or shopping areas and research the area to see what is provided nearby. Emphasize those things that will impact you on a regular basis such as entertainment and grocery shopping.




After you have settled on a general location, think about things specific to the layout of the lot. What type of amenities do you want in your yard and landscape? A pool, large walk-out patio, and mature trees are some considerations. Make sure the location is a good fit for now, but also for five years into the future regardless of what changes happen in your family.

Visit at different times of the day to see if your house fits in a way to take advantage of the climate and sun exposures. Remember, homes with the front facing the north may accumulate snow and ice in the winter.

Study the shape of the lot which will impact how your new home will sit on the property. Be sure there is space for side yards, a driveway and other things like a deck or patio.

Choose a lot that will provide natural drainage of rain or runoff from nearby properties. Without good drainage, water will collect and may cause problems to your home’s foundation or landscaping.

Check out the visibility of your neighbors, businesses and traffic surrounding your selected lot. Can you imagine yourself being a part of the neighborhood? Before making a final decision, think about visiting with people in the neighborhood and talk about traffic, noise, crime or other potential issues. Make note whether it appears that owners keep up with their properties by maintaining the homes exterior, mowing the lawn and maintaining trees and shrubs. Return to the area several times, at night and at weekends to get a full picture of what the neighborhood is like.

Research potential zoning regulations, easements, covenants or other restrictions that may impact your project. The land developer should be able to assist with much of this information.

Talk to your general contractor to see how much excavation or site preparation is required to make your dream home fit the property. This includes looking at the amount of grass, trees or bushes that may interfere with the house location. Be sure to consider access to the lot for construction. How close are the neighbors or other impediments that may make it difficult to get construction equipment and materials onto the job site.


Finding the perfect building location and lot takes time, but it is an important step to assure that your dream home will provide the dream lifestyle you are looking for.

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