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Exceeding Expectations and Lowering Energy Costs

Exceeding Expectations and Lowering Energy Costs
Solid Core structural insulated panels are the solution for a new school, church, or community building of any kind.  The SIPs construction allows for excellent building speed and design flexibility, perfect for those on a schedule and those trying to meet several community needs.

When you purchase from an EPS dealer/builder, we will meet local and state Energy Code requirements through a high R-value in the walls and an air tightness that is not possible with stud walls or steel buildings. Unlike traditional insulation, SIPs do not sag and lose insulation value overtime. Your R-26 wall will still be an R-26 wall in 10 years! 

With up to 50% energy savings, there will be more money available to invest in education programs or other materials, which means that everyone wins!

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